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Year 10 Work Shadowing Day

As part of our enrichment day programme, we have introduced a Year 10 Work Shadowing day in order to provide pupils with an opportunity to gain an understanding of the world of work and careers.  This will be a key enrichment experience that will be of great benefit to pupils and will build upon the career’s education they complete as part of their PSHE programme.

The Year 10 work shadowing day will take place on Tuesday 11th July 2023. This day is an opportunity for pupils to gain experience of the workplace by shadowing employees and completing a small workplace task. Pupils can shadow family members in their workplace, or can look to organise a one-day placement with an employer of their choice. Pupils will complete a short workbook whilst they are at the workplace which will include asking the employer and/or workforce questions about their roles within the business.

An information assembly took place with Year 10 pupils on Monday 27th March, and parents can access a recorded information talk about this experience and how you can support your child here:


Suitable and unsuitable placements – Where could your child go or not go?

Could go

  • Office work

  • Retail

  • Large and small companies

  • School, if different to their own


​Could not

  • Hazardous and dangerous jobs: e.g building sites, somewhere with toxic chemicals

  • Jobs that may involve a lot of driving

  • Some medical situations or counselling jobs might not be appropriate

  • Places that have an age restriction such as Pubs

  • Placement where pupil will be working alone with one supervisor 

  • With a parent or other person working from home

  •  Where an employer does not have employer’s liability insurance

Once pupils have found a placement they will need to input all details to the Unifrog Placements Tool, they can do this by logging into their Unifrog account here:


Important Information: 

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