Year 10 Courses

Key Stage 4 is the two-year period of GCSE study, starting in September of Year 10 and ending with the collection of GCSE results in August of Year 11.


During this time, young people lay the foundations for their future career. The qualifications achieved, and the standard of those, decides where and what pupils can study in Post 16 education, which in turn, decides the pathway they are able to take beyond the school or college gates. It is important that we get it right, which means guiding each and every child into the subjects and courses which will maximise their chance of success.

Please read the Options booklet and Subject Information booklet below to help you decide the way forward.

Option choices will be made via, instructions are available within the Options Booklet.

If you would like to request a subject change, please view the revised Option Blocks form on the right to see the subjects available. After that, please click on the button below

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Revised Option Blocks (July2020)


Options Booklet 2020


Subject Information  Booklet


Options Presentation 2020

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Informed Choices website

Options FAQs 2020


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