Partial Reopening Advice

We are now in a position where we are able to reopen Wootton Upper School and Kimberley College to a limited number of students.

To enable this to happen we have taken significant steps to make the experience at either site as safe for all students, staff and parent/carers as possible.

Please familiarise yourself with the links below to understand the protocols that have been put in place to enable the partial reopening to be as safe as possible.


Student Protocols


Parent/Carer Protocols


Home School/College Agreement

Wootton - What to expect on site (click to play)

Please view before coming onto the site

Kimberley College - What to expect on site  (click to play)

Please view before coming onto site


Risk Assessment - Wootton


Risk Assessment - Kimberley

Bus timetables

Year 10 transport will operate using the routes linked below.
Please note the timetables show the adjusted times of the buses that are 90 minutes later in the morning than normal.


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